Our Brands

Saskatoon is a great place to ride. The beautiful riverbank provides us with terrain for everything from family rides to technical cross-country treks. The city hosts a huge following for Road and Triathlon cycling. A bunch of friendly groups and teams train all through the year and organize some really fun races. Throughout our brutal winters a mass of dedicated commuters ride, arguably the most technical cyclocross you can find! Riversdale skate park is recognized as a gem across Canada, and dirt jumps pop up around the city as fast as they get taken down…  

The short and sweet- Saskatoon has a lot to offer for all cycling disciplines. 

We carry a great line up of bicycle companies that are only found in our shop. Our staff commute, thrash, tour and race, and it shows on our floor. We stock a wide selection of bicycle styles, and will order nearly anything in that we do not already have here.

Stop by for a ride and let’s keep the good times rolling!